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President: Keith Cheung

Vice-President: Dennis Chassaniol

Treasurer: Charlie Billings

Secretary: Traci Fann

Ex-Officio: Charles Lonardo
Executive Secretary: Jean Harmison

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Judges attend 51st Annual Courts Conference

Published on 6/20/2016


HEADLINE: Judges attend 51st Annual Courts Conference

May 25-27, 2016 @ Lake Ozark, Missouri


More than 325 judges assembled at the Lake of Ozarks this week for the 51st Annual Courts Conference for the Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association (MMACJA). The attendees included municipal judges, both lawyer and non-lawyer, and associate circuit judges. The judges and courts are a part of Missouri’s unified court system. The municipal and associate circuit divisions hear the greatest majority of the cases heard by the Missouri judiciary.

The Association (MMACJA) has been long recognized by the citizens of Missouri for thoughtfully and responsibly carrying out its objectives:

  1. To encourage the adoption of uniform practices and procedures in the municipal and associate circuit court of the State of Missouri;
  2. To maintain the highest possible judicial standards in said courts;
  3. To assist the judicial, administrative and legislative bodies of the municipal and state governments by making available to them information obtained from the experience and studies of the members of this Association; and
  4. To keep its membership informed on all subject matter of importance to municipal and associate circuit courts, including the substantive and procedural law pertaining to said courts.

A volunteer Board of Directors serves the organization elected by the membership sets the agenda for the large conference and regional seminars annually. The topics include ethics training and updates on new laws passed by the legislature, important decisions of the Supreme Court and the courts of appeals as well as developments and changes in rules of court. Attending the meetings allows the judges to satisfy the requirements for continuing legal education and judicial training so they may continue to serve if selected to do so in their communities.

Municipal judges serve independently to ensure Missouri’s citizens see their constitutional rights are protected. Although many of the Association’s member judges serve in only a part-time capacity, they are well trained on the importance of serving the interests of justice for all citizens who come before them in court. This year’s sessions included updates on recently enacted and pending state laws, implicit bias training, professionalism, bond reform, alternative sentencing, and case law updates.

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